Money and Emotions

Life is filled with Emotions. When we are Happy or Sad, emotions rule us. We get tensed or worried at certain situations and it would cause big problems to us more than the real problem that caused the tension.
When People dont have money, they are filled with emotions. Some blame the Rich People and curse them for they not having enough money.

Barker would always shout at his family when they asked money to buy the household needs. He is already in great debt and he feels that his family indeed builds the pressure. More than money, now he is angry with his family. He thinks that his family is the real problem for all his worries. His emotions are high.

The actual problem is not money or his family but his emotions. Emotional Intelligence is the one any person needs to develop in order to achieve success in Life. It is best to understand that money and emotions go hand in hand. So, Emotional Intelligence must be Higher in order to win Money.

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