The Science of Getting Rich

There is Science in Everything. In order to better explain Science, things happen if they are followed in a similar phenomenon. When a Ball is thrown up, it comes down due to gravity. We have 4 seasons due to Earth revolution around the sun.

It is important to note that Science is a phenomenon if when followed in cyclic or similar fashion give the same results again and again.So, Getting Rich is also a Science.The People who are Rich must have undergone this Science intentionally or accidentally in order to get Rich.

Two Persons of the Same Business - One gets Rich and Other goes Bankrupt. It is not the Business that actually makes a person Rich. It is the Science of what the person did to get Rich.

The Money is not found in Locations/Regions. Many people here in India, wanted to have a high pay Job in USA or UK.They wanted to Save Money and Return to India. They seek for locations to get money. While in India, there are a lot more Rich people. While in USA or UK there are also Poor People. It indicates that getting Rich is by doing things in a certain way.

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