The Science of Getting Rich

There is Science in Everything. In order to better explain Science, things happen if they are followed in a similar phenomenon. When a Ball is thrown up, it comes down due to gravity. We have 4 seasons due to Earth revolution around the sun.

It is important to note that Science is a phenomenon if when followed in cyclic or similar fashion give the same results again and again.So, Getting Rich is also a Science.The People who are Rich must have undergone this Science intentionally or accidentally in order to get Rich.

Two Persons of the Same Business - One gets Rich and Other goes Bankrupt. It is not the Business that actually makes a person Rich. It is the Science of what the person did to get Rich.

The Money is not found in Locations/Regions. Many people here in India, wanted to have a high pay Job in USA or UK.They wanted to Save Money and Return to India. They seek for locations to get money. While in India, there are a lot more Rich people. While in USA or UK there are also Poor People. It indicates that getting Rich is by doing things in a certain way.

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Pick Stocks Like Warren Buffet

The Share Market have created many Poor into Rich and have also turned many Rich into a Poor. It is however not the mistake of the Share Market. It is the mistake of the People who have gambled with the Share Market.

It should be great to understand that when investing in share market, the control of money is not in our hands. The value of money changes based on market changes. It inturn makes someone Rich and Others Poor. There are Two Kinds of money. One is the Survival Money, which needs for us to survive for food, shelter and other needs. The Other money is the Play Money, where we can afford to lose. In short, consider it as an expense.

The People who became Poor with share market are those who played with the survival money. We all know that Warren Buffet is the great investor of all Times. The main reason he was able to succeed in the share market is that he never gambled and used only his Play money for Investing. He has also followed some principle:

1. Dont Gamble
2.Buy Securities as Cheapily as you can.
3.Buy what You Know
4.Try to Learn Everything about the Company you Invest.
5.Invest in Companies Run by People you admire
6.Buy to Hold
7.Dont be emotional. Do it as a profession or Business
8.Dont overdiversify

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Money and Emotions

Life is filled with Emotions. When we are Happy or Sad, emotions rule us. We get tensed or worried at certain situations and it would cause big problems to us more than the real problem that caused the tension.
When People dont have money, they are filled with emotions. Some blame the Rich People and curse them for they not having enough money.

Barker would always shout at his family when they asked money to buy the household needs. He is already in great debt and he feels that his family indeed builds the pressure. More than money, now he is angry with his family. He thinks that his family is the real problem for all his worries. His emotions are high.

The actual problem is not money or his family but his emotions. Emotional Intelligence is the one any person needs to develop in order to achieve success in Life. It is best to understand that money and emotions go hand in hand. So, Emotional Intelligence must be Higher in order to win Money.

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Automatic Millionaire ~ Workbook

Automatic Millionaire WorkBook is a Simple Book about Personal Finance. It was written by David Blach. The Book focuses on how to use the Earned money wisely. It is very simple to follow and it is a beginners guide to learn personal finance.

It could be very useful to freshers who have just joined a job or person who have started their first business.
The Book title is catchy and the truth is that you cant become a millionare with the steps. It helps you develop Habits or punctuality about money and personal finance skills that actually makes you a millionaire.

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Richdad PoorDad

RichDad PoorDad is a True Story of the Author Robert Kiyosaki. His Real/Poor Dad is a Highly Educated School Teacher and his Rich Dad is his Best Friends Mike Father. The Story is about his Dads who had different view when it came to money.

Robert had a confusion of to which dad he has to follow and he finally chose to follow his Rich dad's advice.
The Book is about the lessons that his Rich Dad thought Robert, a 9 year Kid to become Rich. Sparker thinks that the great Success of this Book is mainly because this would be the First finance book to teach Personal Finance in a Story/Novel Style. You can learn the Rich Dad concepts just like you read a Story.

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