Earn through Bux sites in Free Time

I actually dont like PTC sites just because they are waste of time and the earnings are never good and most of the sites turn out to be scam.
However recently I have joined 3 bux sites.

The main reason is I rarely use these sites when I am free and want to do something very relax without much effort and inturn make some money. I used to watch tv and felt I am wasting some time. So, I  just used my laptop to click some links and watch the tv.

I have joined only 3 legitimate programs after careful research and analysis and these sites would really pay with a minimum cashout of 2$. The main reason is the cashout must be minimum if you chose any PTC type site.

Another thing to note is all these 3 programs are Bux Program and not PTC programs. There is some difference between bux type and ptc type actually. If you click ads for 2 weeks, in Bux program would have accumulated around 0.5 to 1$ whereas in case of PTC type you would reach only 0.1 to 0.3$.

So, here are my 3 Programs:




Sparker recommends that you may only concentrate on these 3 sites first till you get the payment from them.
Later You can add few sites one by one based on your interest.

But first concentrate these sites