Earn through Bux sites in Free Time

I actually dont like PTC sites just because they are waste of time and the earnings are never good and most of the sites turn out to be scam.
However recently I have joined 3 bux sites.

The main reason is I rarely use these sites when I am free and want to do something very relax without much effort and inturn make some money. I used to watch tv and felt I am wasting some time. So, I  just used my laptop to click some links and watch the tv.

I have joined only 3 legitimate programs after careful research and analysis and these sites would really pay with a minimum cashout of 2$. The main reason is the cashout must be minimum if you chose any PTC type site.

Another thing to note is all these 3 programs are Bux Program and not PTC programs. There is some difference between bux type and ptc type actually. If you click ads for 2 weeks, in Bux program would have accumulated around 0.5 to 1$ whereas in case of PTC type you would reach only 0.1 to 0.3$.

So, here are my 3 Programs:




Sparker recommends that you may only concentrate on these 3 sites first till you get the payment from them.
Later You can add few sites one by one based on your interest.

But first concentrate these sites

Earn via Paypal

In order to earn via online, one simple way is to find the websites that pay via paypal.The sites like ptc are not preferred by people as most of them are scams and its time consuming. Also, the amount which you can earn via ptc are so cheap.

To earn some realiable amount online, you must learn that Internet is the area for information. So, in simple terms if you are the one who can provide some information, then the chances for you to earn online are much more.

Discover the site below which pay you via paypal

Earn via Paypal