Earn Just Being Online

Making Money Online is never easy. The main reason for that is websites are being see as Job providers. People search for a website to get Paid and they work there for some time. Then they would take time to understand that it is a waste of time. All PTC sites are best examples for this.

Also, there are many other sites like mylot which would pay them for discussions and list goes on with surveys, paid to write and many. All these sites require you to do something or the other. Is there a site which would pay you for just being online?

The answer for the above question is Yes. There is a site which would pay you for just being online. You need not even click a link. Sounds cool!! A site where you can earn and earn especially if you are always online and idea sounds like a passive income. This is an online passive income idea for just being online.

So How does it pay?

The site is dedicated to research the real world performance of the websites in end user perspective. To say in simple words, the site would do a performance test for the website. So, it requires users from all over the world and also with different type of internet connection.

How can I earn from the website?

You need to register and download a software, which is completely safe and whenever you are online, you need to check that the application is running. The application tests the different websites of their clients and so they receive a payment from the clients and in turn pay you.

How to Join in the program?

You can use my link to join and then download the application. If you have a slow internet connection, you can also request them a CD.Click the below link and Join.