SIte which pays through Paypal

A real paying site through paypal. I am really exicted about this site since it pays. The idea is that its more like a PTC site but not exactly a PTC site. I hate PTC sites because most of them are scams and most of them contains the links of other PTC sites. 

The problem with them is that each PTC sites advertise with other PTC sites and escape after we clicked and joined all sites.
But the site which I am referring above is very different and they give you only credits. Each week they convert them into cash based on the credits we have. The payout is also very good and easily reachable. I only focus on very few sites and this site happens to be one.
Dont join all sites and waste your time by searching and searching. Try to focus on few sites first. Look for the cashout and if you get cashout, maintain the site and then go for searching more sites. This site can be very useful as you can focus easily and payout is minimum which can be easily reached.