SIte which pays through Paypal

A real paying site through paypal. I am really exicted about this site since it pays. The idea is that its more like a PTC site but not exactly a PTC site. I hate PTC sites because most of them are scams and most of them contains the links of other PTC sites. 

The problem with them is that each PTC sites advertise with other PTC sites and escape after we clicked and joined all sites.
But the site which I am referring above is very different and they give you only credits. Each week they convert them into cash based on the credits we have. The payout is also very good and easily reachable. I only focus on very few sites and this site happens to be one.
Dont join all sites and waste your time by searching and searching. Try to focus on few sites first. Look for the cashout and if you get cashout, maintain the site and then go for searching more sites. This site can be very useful as you can focus easily and payout is minimum which can be easily reached.

Earn from Google( not adsense)

I know everyone would know about Google Adsense, the most popular online earning opportunity for decades.
But almost lost its strength due to other online programs and scams like PTC sites and surveys. Many of them have stopped earning from Adsense must say.

If you are looking for a great opportunity to earn online then  next income opportunity from Google is waiting for you. It can be a Home based or part time opportunity whatever name you call.Its a newly emering program and most of them are not aware. Be the first to grab the opportunity. The idea is to be the first to earn before the secret is known to the world. For more info refer the link below

Online Opportunity

I have found a great website which has a lot of earning opportunities. If you are seeking for a home based or internet earning opportunity. This website can be used well and good. Many of my friends have started earning using this website as a part time and their earnings are improving daily. I have started it now and if you are also interested in working part time in your home, please click the link below. Dont let the opportunity go!

Survey Savvy

Survey Savvy

One of the Paid Survey Site

Planet Pulse- Survey

Get paid for your opinions! Click on the banner above to join Planet Pulse. Its totally free to sign up, and you can earn UNLIMITED. Find out more by visiting PLANET PULSE.

Get paid for your opinions! Click on the banner above to join Planet Pulse. Its totally free to sign up, and you can earn UNLIMITED. Find out more by visiting PLANET PULSE.

Quitter never Wins

Why did your Home Business or your Business Failed?

If you have already started a Home Business or you are doing your Home Business or you are searching for Home Business ideas, this post would help you.

If you had failed in your Home Business or if you dont want to fail in your Business, read the next few lines.

One of the most common causes for a Business to fail is mainly due to the habit of Quitting when is overtaken by a temporary defeat. Every Person is guilty of this mistake at one time or another.

The Winner never Quits and Quitter never wins

Succeed in your Business

Why do you want to start a Home Business?

If you want to start and Succeed in your Home Business, you need to answer the above question.

If you simply say -To earn More Money then you probably wont succeed in it.

Before you start your Home Business or Part time, analyze yourself why do you want money!

If your reasons are any of the following, then you would succeed in the Business.

1. Dreams: You have a Dream to achieve something or you have a goal
2.Responsibility: You have a great responsibility on your shoulders
3. Desires: You have a great desire of becoming rich and live happily

Choose under which catogery you come and plan your work based on achieving it. 
All the Best

5P in Marketing

This post is for those who already developed their home business and they seek some information to market their product.

The important things to market your product are

1.Plan: The Business Plan you developed must be best and see to that if any other company have successfully developed and used it.
2.Product: The Product you intend to develop. Is you product is needed by most customers? Is you product very competitive? All these factors should be well analyzed.
3.Price: what price you can fix for your product. If similar products are already in market. Simply make it cost effective from those products
4.Promoter: You are the Promoter. If your competitor is a very big firm. then you would have to think about it,
5.Place- Very Important. where do you plan to sell your product.

These are called 5P's in marketing!!

Demat and Trading

How to earn Online?

If this is your question and you have no idea what to do. Then I suggest the best way is to open an Demat Account and Trading Account.

What is Demat Account?

Demat Account is like a Bank account where in this case you hold shares. You need to compulscry have the demat account to hold shares. 

What is Trading Account?

Trading Account is an Online Account where you can buy and sell shares online.

How to open these account?

You can open these accounts in any Bank(HDFC, ICICI...) or from ShareBrokers(Karvy, ShareKhan..)

Some Tips to Trade

1.Buy shares only after you know about the company
2. Buy shares when the share prices are low. The idea is you can sell high for good profit.
3. Set a Target to sell. After you buy share fix a target price and when that price reaches sell it.

You need to have discipline to do this. Once the target amount is reached you must sell it.

All the Best

Dollar Frog

How to earn by Spending?

Seems funny!! But I just found that it is possible. Very Funny but its True. 
If you are looking for a oppurtunity to earn online and I can say that there is one such site which gives you an earning oppurtunity.

Yes, its gives you an oppurtunity to earn money for your opinions in surveys and also this funny oppurtunity for all the things you are spending, you are eligible to earn .

Check out that site
Dollar Frog!

Survey City

Paid Surveys are becoming popular day by day as the Internet world is growing. Its growth is so fast that almost every company around the world advertises in the web. It also gives a lot of opportunities to almost all the people to start their Business.

What are Paid Surveys?

As we can understand that, almost any company would need to know the Public or Customer opinion about their products or what the customer needs?

If they take a survey in live going to each and every one. it would be a waste of time to these growing and already established companies.

So they cleverly make use of the Internet. They spend very low funds to do these research and post their questions in the internet.

We people you would like to earn some passive income from Internet can make the best use of this Oppurtunity to earn bucks.

Its your now who have to decide. click the link below

Build Your Net

Have you planned to start a Business or Home Based Business?

The above question is very important and try to answer it truthfully. If the answer is Yes then well and Good and if you say that you are trying to look for a Part Time Job then you want to learn something.

Just read the story and Understand Yourself

Spider Story

A Young Spider spends all its time building its nest. Once the net(web) is built, its sits in the middle, the food(insetcts) gets caught by the web. It just builds a strong net initially.

The Old spider doesnt build nets, All it does it moves here and there in the corner of the walls creating lines of web. Nothing gets caught and it dies soon.

Now what do you understand by the story?
Doing a Part time Job will not make you more money. It takes more Time from You.
Instead if you use your time well to build a System, then the Future is Yours!!
Now what have you decided?

SubConscious Mind is Asset

 Want to become Rich?

Your Sub Conscious Mind is the Most Powerful Asset in the world. Dont say or think something which you really dont prefer or dont convince yourself. Your mind has trhe power to achieve anything you wanted. Just Try to do what your mind says. No one can Stop Your Success.


Time is Money

Your Most Important Asset is Time
Dont waste your Time


Time is Money.

Do the Opposite

If You want to be Rich, Just find out what everyone else is doingt and do Exactly the Opposite

Worst Financial Habit

The worst Financial Habit is Paying your Creditors Before You Pay Yourself.

Turn Hobbies into Profits

Do you have a very Good Hobby?

Hobby are persons life, can say. If we are involved in a Hobby, we would forget our Time. But have any one wondered or thought of an idea to turn your Hobby into Money Making System.

Yes, your Hobbies can be turned into a Money Making System!

The Problem with all of us is that we have great talents and we dont know how to turn them into cash.
However there are many more out there you are even turning trash into cash!!

The reason why we dont turn them into cash is because we dont  have the Business ideas.
Starting a Business or Home Based Business needs Ideas and Plans which we never learnt in our Schools and hence if we want to learn it, we have to learn it from Experts.

If you want to Learn, here is the Expert (click below)

ULIP Insurance Product

Traditional Insurance
In Traditional Insurance we need to pay for the whole 10 or 20 years and at the end of 20 years we get the invested amount with some bonus.
The drawback here is that we are paying our lives and we say it as Life Insurance. It is very difficult to just pay to the insurance for the 20 years. Also, we get our money back only after 20 years. Why so? Its our Money and we give it to someone for 20 years by time he has enjoyed his Life and gives back to us with actually low bonus or investment(must say). For eg: Most of the old plans the money we paid gets doubled after 20 years which is a drawback.

Modern Insurance
ULIP(Unit Linked Insurance Plan) is a modern Insurance where we need not pay for our entire Life Time.
Its makes us convineint to pay only for first 3 years. So, from 4th year we can withdraw partially or fully.
The amount we need to pay each 3 years is minimum Rs.12,000 .
So, all we pay is Rs.12,000 multiplied by 3 gives Rs.36,000 with a sum assured (Rs.2 lakh in some Insurance companies to Rs.4 lakh in some Insurance companies)

Sum Assured is given if Natural or Accidental Death occurs to the person and his family get that prescribed amount.
What is the returns at the 20 year end?
The money you had given to the Insurance company is invested in Mutual Funds. Everyone would agree that Mutual Funds are safer than investing in Shares. So, even if your funds grows at 10% per annum which I assume to the as low in mutual funds you get double your money after 20 years with the full Insurance coverage.
But remember Harshad Metha period, where Indian Econony went down. Even in that period the share market had 20% growth which means that you can expect a lot more performance of your fund.

Investing is a Plan

Don't Invest until You have an Plan.
Always Remember that Investing is a Plan..... Not
a Product or Procedure!

Money is an Idea

It doesnot take Money to Make Money!
In fact, in many cases, what it takes is Free!

Whole Sale Guider

This post is for those who already do their Home Business like ebay or something like that. This post is for those who are involved in selling online.

If you are an Online Seller this post can help you a lot for you business. Most of the Online seller purchases the products at Bulk or can say they purchase in Wholesale rate and sell at retail rate to the customers.

These Online sellers need to eliminate their middleman in order to make more profit.. I was suprised to find a site which contains the list of wholesalers for you to help your business grow.

Check out the amazing site below

Search Engine Optimization

Everyone knows that in order to make money or to get rich the best and possible way is to start a Business. No Employee is rich or if you are an Employee you cant get rich. What I try to say is that an Employee can have more money but he would not have Time Freedom. So, Business is the Best way to get rich.

Again most of us would not like the idea of Business because we need to meet clients and satisfy customers and even we need to go behind them often. Many of us would not like to start business because of these issues. But the things have changed in the Internet World. We need not meet any client and the system automatically does the work

The System I refer here is your Website. Yes, Website is the Business System in the Internet World. Your chance of Home Business would grow only if more and more people view your site. The more people you get to your site the more money you can make.

Suppose if you already have a website or a blog and you wanted to have more and more people to view your site, you need to optimize your site so that it gets listed at the top page of the Google.

So, How to optimize our site? I had this question in my mind and browsed the web. I was suprised to view this site and it was awesome to help people to optimize their site for Google.

Have a Look at the Site (click the link below)

Work at Home

Work at Home and Avoid Scams.  I was very much interested to work from Home and enjoy myself. I then searched Google for any good programs or System online which are real. I actually found most of them to be scams. I was very tired of scams.

I never gave up. I wanted to earn money from Home and that was my Aim/Goal. I worked towards it daily. I made use of Google daily towards my goal. Then One day I came across a site which gave me some hope or promise.

The site had a very good ebook which contains the directories of all positive and legitimate Business only.
I had actually wasted a lot of time in Google and end up in scam programs. But this book was very very positive and motivating me towards the right direction of Online earnings.

If you too wasted your time goggling and end up in scams. check out the site below:

Best Hosting Service

This hosting provides the best features. It has Fantastico inbuilt features where you can just create your website from the templates available and customize in your way. 

This Hosting Service is also very cheap when compared to other hosting services. I registered with them and their Service is simply super. Any Queries they have Live support and Ticket Support. 

Once you raise a ticket for any Query you have, they would clear it with in 24 hours or sooner. I say this because I have Hosting account with 2 or 3 companies and this  is the best of all.

click here for the site