Make Money Blogging online

When it comes to Blogging all I  know was there is a way to make Money through Blogging and its nothing but Google Adsense. I then registered Google Adsense but what I found is it would take lot of pain and time to really earn from adsense because it works based on "clicks per million".( Not to go into much detail here...)

Then I was very tired because it was not suitable for me. I wondered if there are any other ways to really earn through Blogging. As again I started with the search engine which is my best friend to look for ways. I then came across a site which was mind-blowing and its all about blogging.

That site almost made me realize that there are a lot more (more) ways to actually earn through Blogging and it was an Eye-Opening site.
If you want to open your eyes, please take a look that the site below

How to Sell your Ebook

I always had an aim to become an writer. The reason is because I dont want to be en Employee and waste my Life. I wanted to prove that I have some talents and that Writer/Author was a good option for me. But selling what I write has been a tedious process for me.

Robert Kiyosaki explained in his RichDad PoorDad book as "How many of you know to cook a better hamburger than McDonald" then many of them raised their hands. But when asked "How many of you know to develop a system as McDonald did". No hands were raised.

The same happened to me. I know how to write a better ebook than most others out there but had no idea of how to sell it. So I just browsed the web to look for ways. Almost I lost hope that nothing was good. Suddenly I came across a site which I thought was worth and that site gave me the ideas, plans, methods and almost everything you need to know before you sell your ebook.
Check out that site

Medical Transcription @Home

Once I went to my Uncle's house and he was wearing his headphone and was typing. I thought he was hearing some songs and typing his documents. Then later I asked him about it. He said that he was doing a Home Based Medical Transcription and he is earning money. He has his day time job and in the evening he relaxes and does this part time job. I was curious and wanted to learn more about it like where to find the clients or how to get a medical transcription project.

So I asked him and he recommended a book for me to read

You can get the book from the link above and every information is clearly written in that book and it guides you well. The reason why I recommend this Book is because going to a job far away from home in traffic and pollution has become a tedious work now a days and Internet is booming day by day.Medical Transcription at Home

must be the Best Way to save time and earn Money

Survey Scout

A paid Survey Online Money Making Site. Top 250 companies have partnered with SurveyScout and all they wanted is People who really wanted to work from Home.

The world is now Internet and most of the people spend 50% of their time in Internet and so almost all the companies get their feedback about their products in the Online Form and they improve their product. People can join SurveyScout to get paid for your opinion.


If you are curious about earning Money from Online then the Best way to earn Money is through Survey Sites.
Some of the advantages of Survey Sites over other Online Money is that

1. You can spend a few minutes(20 mins max) and earn a lot of Bux.
2. You need not have special skills to earn from Survey.
3. Attending a Survey is Fun and makes you to analyze Yourself and what you Like.

Though there are a lot of Survey sites available, Best Paid Survey  
why I call Best Paid is because it is a site where Fortune 500 companies partnered with. Obviously you can get a lot of surveys and just relax checking your account balance.

The other survey sites where I joined had only Profile Surveys claiming that only if you fill your Profile Survey , you can get lot of other Survey opportunities. But when a new survey comes it would say you are not eligible to take this Survey.

In fact, I can't even allow most people to sign up. Why? Because the companies only want people who will actually complete at least one survey per week, spaces must be limited only to those who are serious!

Cheap and Best Hosting

I have found the Cheapest Hosting Service and I am using it for my website. One of the Best feature is that it has a very good control panel and the hosting rate for starters is nearly 14$ for 500MB space which is very good when compared to other hosting companies which can only provide only 25MB for that range of price.

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