Earn Just to Read Emails- Easy

One of the website which actually pays you to read the email. It is a great program in India and most of them are already a member.

This true website pays your 0.25 paise for each mail you read which is acceptable. This does not claim to give huge money or this is not a get rich scheme. It is very real and I get mails of new products. 

The mails looked more of an ad. I received a mail for a Reliance company when it launched a new product. So, this is very true since this website acts as an advertising medium between companies and people. This website will usually send 1 or 2 mails a day.
 I would considered it a worth to join because all you have to do is open the mail. I have a filter in my yahoomail and this would separate this website mail from others. I just open the mail and close it. So, its very easy to earn.You need to give you correct address as they would send a cheque to your address. 

Earn Money Just for Chating

One of the Coolest Site to earn a few dollars easily which I found recently. This site is like a scrap Book where you can type all scraps and you get paid for that. There would be simply scrap topics like who is the next super star? and How to become rich ?? and lot and lot more. You can start a discussion and respond to a discussion and you get paid for that. 

Very Simply just to earn money and you can also learn a lot with this site. You can make a lot of friends and also find some International business partners.  

This site is more of a community where different set of people meet and discuss. You can also have a feel of global culture and you can help others. Even other people there would help you and you would be so happy just to be a part of the site.Very True site and many have already earned a lot. Below is the link

The Concept of Life and Rich:

There are 3 motives for which we live.
1. We live for the Body.
2. We live for the Mind.
3. We live for the Soul.
It’s not right or noble to live only for the soul and deny mind or Body. (This is for those who express themselves as Sages and feel great.)
It is wrong to live for the Intellect and deny body or soul. (For those who think, they are Genius)
Whatever he can say, No man can be really happy or satisfied unless his body is living fully in every function and unless the same is true of his mind and his soul.

A man’s highest happiness is found in the bestowal of benefits on those he loves, love finds it’s most natural and spontaneous expression in Living. A man who has nothing to give cannot fill place as a Husband or father, as a citizen or as a man.
It is in the use of material things that a man finds full life for his body, develops his mind, and unfolds his soul.
It is therefore of supreme importance to him and he should be RICH.